Real estate: how to sell your home well in a period of deconfinement

Real estate: how to sell your home well in a period of deconfinement

Landlords who wish or have to sell their homes in this period of deconfinement ask themselves many questions, starting with: should they sell now or wait a few months? “It is not necessary to delay to take advantage of the beautiful days which are generally favorable to real estate“, advises Ronan Lebas, director of the agencies of the 7th and 15th districts of Paris for the Stéphane Plaza network.

Another argument put forward by professionals: it is better to put up for sale now, lest the repercussions of the crisis be felt towards the end of 2020. If this is the case, households’ purchasing power will be lower and they will be less solvent in a few months’ time.

Another question: will the buyers be there? “Yes, we’ve already received several offers to buy in the last few days,” says Perrine Gautheron, director of the agency Les Villas in Bordeaux (Gironde). Several surveys show that French people have maintained their real estate projects.

According to a study carried out for Egide informatique, a property management software publisher, 79 % of them would like to go ahead with their project (1). The budget for the purchase would even have increased slightly, and buyers would like to spend 163 000 euros on it, compared with 159 000 euros before the crisis.

Some sellers have also had good surprises: this is the case of Rosine, in Vitrolles (Bouches-du-Rhône): “We had decided to change town this year and this project was interrupted for two months… As soon as the deconfinement was over, we put our house up for sale and it found a buyer in a few days,” says this Vitrollaise.

Fair Price

However, selling requires putting the property at the right price in a market that is still hesitant and which will probably tend to be downwards” To make no mistake, it is possible to put the price that would have been expected before the confinement but leaving yourself some room for negotiation if necessary”, suggests Sébastien Kuperfis, director of the Parisian real estate agency Junot immobilier, but it is not always easy to aim for the right price.

After inquiring about transactions in her neighbourhood in early 2020, Rosine had planned to put her house on the market at a price of 395,000 euros.she placed an ad on Leboncoin and received too many phone calls during the day to be able to answer it.”I withdrew the ad and then later put it back at 410,000 euros, because obviously I was below the price.I still got calls but a little less and the house sold just after a day of visits.the buyers are people from Marseille who want to move out of the city centre to have more space,” Rosine explains.

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